Silly but sexy sisters exercise in gym

It is great fun to secretly watch these two silly twin sisters in the gym together. Firstly, they are booth very sexy and they sure enjoy giving gym guys something to look at. Both of them squeezed their bubble butts in few sizes too small tights, which in turn caused their ass cracks to spread out and their thongs to be visible through thin fabric. Specially during specific exercises.

Silly twin sisters clumsily exercise in gym while voyeur photographs their big butts

There is nothing better than twin sisters wearing too tight leggings in gym

They had a quick conversation next to one gym machine and I presume they were trying to figure out how it’s used. They did it so very wrong. Still, I can’t complain. While she was sitting on the floor and getting ready to pull on those gym machine handles, her ass looked like it is being offered to me and my candid camera as well. She looked incredibly silly while sitting on the floor and trying to pull.

Hot silly girl sits on gym floor and pulls handles of machine to exercise

You can see this hot girl’s thong while she sits on floor and pulls on gym machine handles

True gentleman would approach the girls and explain them how it’s done, like a good fitness coach or private trainer. Real voyeur however, would do exactly what I did. I couldn’t pass on opportunity to film their sweet big asses and exposed thongs while they stupidly tried to workout. You’ll see it all if you decide to watch this high definition real voyeur video.

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Sexy sisters working out in gym