Hot nudist girl’s ass opens up for us

I fucking love how sexy this nudist woman is. Her skin is already tanned evenly, to the point where her entire body looks like a tasty caramel. Judging by those tattoos, she is a wild one as well. She got some chinese signs right above her shaved pussy and I bet it means something like, only special dicks get access or such. Joking aside, I’m giving her bonus points for bringing her little dog to the beach with her. That very same dog is guilty of us having this perfect sights of her. You’ll find out soon.

Hot tanned nudist woman sunbathes with spread legs beside her wet dog

I bet that tattoo on her pussy means something naughty

That hot nudist babe thought it is a good idea to snap some photos of her wet dog on the beach and that is when things got spicy. She squatted down to photograph the dog and she kept her legs spread. That pose caused her spectacular naked ass cheeks to split apart. I was literally filming and zooming into her open asshole. I can’t even describe how those round buttocks looked and how inviting the whole thing was. I wanted her to ride me in that pose.

Sexy nudist woman squats down and her ass cheeks open up while she photographs her dog

I’m starting to love that wet little dog for making us see her open anus

If someone was to tell me I’ll see the best ass on the beach because of a wet little dog, I’d probably laugh. However, dreams and most bizarre ideas are a voyeur reality and that is what this whole video is about. That smoking hot naked girl doesn’t even know we’re looking at her most intimate parts. She just wanted to have an instagram photo of her wet dog on the beach. Well, we got something even better.

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