Accidental nudity during sunbathing

I started filming on her perfect natural breasts because she was topless and because she was standing still, with spread arms, while trying to evenly tan her smooth skin. She had that smug look on her face like she knows everyone is looking at her naked tits and like she despises us all because of it. Still, she didn’t exactly know I’m not only looking but also filming with my candid camera.

Hot natural breasts of gorgeous woman on beach

Topless babe sunbathes with spread arms to evenly sunbathe

After she thoroughly applied tanning lotion all over her marvelous firm ass, she lied down on her belly, once again to sunbathe further. That is when the real stuff got visible. Her asshole was barely covered with her tiny black thong bikini and her smooth pussy lips slipped out a bit on the side. She persisted in sunbathing with legs spread wide and it looked like she wants to get fucked.

Hot girl's pussy lips slip when she spread her legs while sunbathing on beach

Accidental naked pussy slip happened when she spread her legs to sunbathe

I bet there were guys she had sex with that didn’t even see her spread her legs so wide as I did. Still, with her good looks and amazing ass and tits, she got nothing to be ashamed off. Well, maybe a little bit, in case her family and friends ever see how she blatantly advertises her half naked body with a dash of accidental nudity coming from that skimpy black thong bikini.

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